Make a Difference in San Diego’s Youth

Our Vision: A San Diego where every young person has everything they need to be happy, healthy, and prepared to reach their potential.

We offer access to opportunities – especially to low income and disadvantaged youth – to succeed and thrive.

Youth will build the power needed to create modern change.

Youth will work side-by-side and collaborate with adult allies to improve the youth development ecosystem.

Youth will demand prioritization from leaders and decision-makers of their community.

Our Three Pillars:

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Build Youth Power

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Improve Youth Development

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Demand Youth Prioritization

Building a More Equitable Society, Together

Youth Will is a community-based organization whose mission is to empower San Diego’s youth to build a better and more equitable society. Through grassroots organizing and community outreach we strive to create tangible change in education, housing, and healthcare for individuals aged 25 and under.

We advocate for numerous policy initiatives to create systemic change in criminal justice, housing, healthcare, and so on, in order to create an equitable society for all. 

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Make A Donation

San Diego youth empowerment starts with you. We need your help to make a brighter future for everyone and continue making needed changes within our community.

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Get Involved

Let’s work together to find solutions suitable for today’s generation and create youth empowerment, within, that will guide our youth to more productive and active engagement towards a better society. You can make a difference.

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Contact Us

Reach out to get involved with our positive impacts to the community, be a part of the movement, and witness the changes. Find out about our next meeting and get informed of our calls to action for empowering the youth of San Diego.

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San Diego Youth Empowerment

We work toward building a more equitable society, and we made our very organization the first example. Initially led by adult allies, now two young leaders work within city offices to coordinate San Diego youth empowerment efforts.

Youth Empowerment is What Sets Us Apart

The unique experiences and perspectives of our youth are essential input that only they can give. We are the only regional organization where young people from all corners unite to drive the change they seek. We envision a youth-led movement by elementary to university students, young adults transitioning out of foster care and formerly incarcerated youth, and all in-between.

Our Current Initiatives

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