Empowering San Diego’s Youth

Youth Will is a youth-led, volunteer organization offering access to opportunities – especially to low income and disadvantaged youth – to succeed and thrive.

The future we are fighting for is only possible if youth leaders take action and adult allies support their efforts. This is your chance to create the change we need.

Our Strategy

Build Youth Power

We empower young individuals to become active and influential participants in decision-making processes and societal change.


Improve Youth Development

We advocate for the recognition and fulfillment of young people’s unique needs and concerns in policies, programs, and resource allocation.


Demand Youth Prioritization

We focus on enhancing the overall well-being and growth of young individuals through access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for personal and professional development.


Youth Will Gives a Voice and Venue to a Younger Demographic

Youth Will is a community based organization located in San Diego, CA, that was founded as the Youth Development Office of San Diego in 2012. Our mission is to create a more equitable future for every individual under the age of 25 through community organizing, grassroots advocacy, and political reform. Very community oriented, Youth Will:

  • Has created a Youth Bill of Rights
  • Is focused on areas important to San Diego’s youth like housing, healthcare, environment, helping youth find gainful employment.
  • Develops policy priorities and advocates for youth at the city and county level.
  • Offers a paid internship program (that also includes college credits) to help with the general operation of the foundation.
  • Offers Resource Ambassadors who communicate with youth in low income areas and help them build a better future.
  • Does not provide direct services – they are not a service provider. Youth Will’s focus is on organizing and advocacy.
  • Offers a “Gov 101” course which teaches young people more about the workings of government.
  • Allows youth to become involved with the San Diego Workforce Partnership where they can take basic life skills courses (resume writing, typing, skill development, etc.)

Take Action

Get Involved

Getting involved with Youth Will allows young people in San Diego to actively contribute their time, skills, and resources, to fostering a sense of community and personal fulfillment.

Invest in Our Vision

Donating to Youth Will is crucial, as it provides vital financial support to programs and initiatives that directly impact the lives of young people, helping them overcome challenges and realize their full potential.

Youth Will in the News

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It’s Time to Create an Office of Child & Youth Success

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