A Local Youth Advocacy Organization

We have always believed that leaving your mark meant making a positive impact on the community. Youth Will’s mission is to give the youth of San Diego county a voice and support their efforts to achieve a better, more equitable society.

We empower young leaders to work with adult allies in San Diego county as the only local advocacy organization operated by our next generation of leaders.

Join Our Youth Action Teams

Youth Justice Action Team

We believe youth should have transformative and restorative justice that provides opportunities for personal growth while redressing larger social ills and fighting against our exploitation, oppression, and gun violence victimization. This team advocates to create a world that fits within this vision.

Meets on Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Education Action Team

We believe youth should receive free, culturally-responsive, inclusive education and training to become thoughtful and productive community members with the freedom to pursue our goals. This team advocates to create a world that fits within this vision.

Meets on Mondays at 4pm

Youth Advocating for Life Services (YALS) Action Team

This team aspires to create fundamental policy changes by working in collaboration with other community-based organizations in order to ensure every young person has access to quality and equitable food, housing, and healthcare resources.

Meets on Mondays at 5:00pm


Youth Voice Action Team

This team advocates for youth voices to be included in decision-making on issues that impact us and our communities, including environmental issues and equitable access to transportation.

Meets on Wednesdays at 5:00pm

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Bill of Rights for the Children & Youth of San Diego


We, the youth of San Diego County, believe every young person has a right to everything we need to be happy, healthy, and prepared to reach our potential.

We demand the following rights be provided for all youth, with the acknowledgment that systemic racism and economic inequality have created vast disparities in the opportunities present in our diverse communities:

  • Youth will be seen, heard, and treated as equal members of our community with dignity and respect and free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Youth will have a safe and healthy environment with fresh air, clean water, open space, and protected wildlife that we will be able to share with futủre generations.
  • Youth will have the food and nutrition to fuel the pursuit of our dreams.
  • Youth will have transportation and mobility options to connect to opportunity and explore our communities.
  • Youth will have safe and sustained housing.
  • Youth will have access to free, quality, comprehensive, and holistic health care.
  • Youth will have the support and freedom to express themselves in ways including, but not limited to, identity, faith, sexuality, gender, dress, speech, art, and action without fear of retribution.
  • Youth will receive free, culturally-responsive, inclusive education and training that prepares us to be thoughtful, productive community members, with the freedom to pursue our goals.
  • Youth will have transformative and restorative justice that provides opportunities for personal growth while fighting against our exploitation and oppression, and redressing larger social ills.
  • Youth will have an intergenerational community of caring adults in our lives who help us build confidence and develop competence. 
  • Youth will establish connections, grow character, and learn compassion.
  • Youth will be treated as equal partners in identifying the problems, developing solutions, and making the decisions that impact us and our communities, with our voices being sought and included.

Our demand for these rights comes from the belief that there should be no limitations to reaching our potential. We extend our hands to the adults in our community to be partners in action to implement our vision and know that, when we are given the opportunity, youth will.

Policy Priorities For Positive Community Impact

Create the TAY (Transitional Age Youth) Unit, within the County probations department, that will recognize the unique developmental needs of 18-25 year olds and address the high rates of recidivism within the justice system for transitional age youth.

We will build a centralized, local office for our youth within the city, called the Office of Child & Youth Success. It will provide an avenue for non-profits, businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and other external entities to ensure our community impact is making a difference.

To prioritize interconnectedness for San Diego’s children, youth, and families through the creation of the Youth Environmental/Recreation Corps. This program will provide funding for organizations within the community that support youth employment and scholarships, prioritizing low-income youth.

Within ALL county public facilities, we shall implement menstrual equity, giving young women long term access to menstrual health products. We, along with the county, understand that allowing access to these products will provide relief to low-income individuals, especially people of color, leaving more for rent, food, and other basic needs.

We believe that youth should have a say in decisions that affect their lives. Together, we will strive to have 2 youth seats required on the local boards and commissions, so that their voices and insights on issues can provide solutions and have a positive impact on the community and future generations. 

Our education team is working to create an inclusive ethnic studies curriculum that is representative and inclusive of our communities. Our aim is to have this become a requirement for students throughout the county. 

Our Initiatives

Our Wins As a Local Advocacy Organization

$1,000,000 – In March of 2021, we created opportunities for youth employment from the county’s dedication of funds to the Youth Environmental Recreation Corps. This positive impact in the community provided initiatives for work in wildlife protection efforts, food gardens, biodiversity incentives, and additional green efforts.

$350,000 – We created the Office of Child & Youth Success in June of 2021. Businesses, schools, healthcare providers, non-profits, and other outside entities have one place to address all the needs of San Diego’s youth, through this centralized office.

$250,000 – The city’s “Summer for All of Us” program creates employment opportunities for the city’s youth at rec centers through the City Youth Environment Corp, in June, 2021.

$90,000 – We created the #Free4Me pilot program, in May of 2021. This provides free menstrual products in public facing facilities, with funds provided by the county.

$30,000 – With a grant from the Emergency Resource Ambassadors County of SD in May of 2020, Youth Will employed young people to assist with the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. They were able to initiate community impact providing emergency resources to low-income youth, as well as make those resources readily available. Also collecting youth’s needs and the advocacy of those necessities.

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